Decend on Bend 2

For the past two years we've headed over to the dry side of Oregon to Descend on Bend, which is an amazing gathering of van and road trip loving people. The event happens in the fall, so this post is a bit on the late side. That said,  I've never been a blazing ball of fire when it comes to sharing my personal work and getting it up online quickly. Descend on Bend is a kind of magical gathering of like minded people who cherish spending days outside with friends, around fires, laughing, telling and making stories and community. It's not really about the vans, adventuremobiles or whatever your choice of vehicle is. While they are absolutely loved, they are just the best means of getting to and fro on land while keeping a roof over your head and the ability to bring a few choice comforts (or all) of home along for the ride. The idea for the gathering was thought up by Ryan Sellmeyer poseidonsbeard and if you've never come across Ryan before, give him a look. He's a super inspiring, stay at home dad of two and husband. He and his family have made the intentional choice to live life on their own terms, choosing life experience over things. This is exactly what Descend on Bend is all about. Living in the present. Sharing moments and memories over things. This is beautifully apparent when watching all the kids running around, playing, learning, getting dirty...and not looking at screens.  The first year, we didn't know anyone coming, other than having a few conversations on Instagram and actually, the whole event happened because of Instagram. Say what you will about social media, but there are some beautiful things that do come out of it. We now call many of the people we've met at Descend and other van travels good friends and almost family.

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Descend on Bend 2

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